Mum almost causes son to ‘pass out’ after gory tongue prank goes terribly wrong


A mum has revealed that she pulled a prank on her son that made him almost “pass out”.

Margie Rogers admitted she felt guilty after convincing her son that she’d got a fork stuck in her tongue in a gory “prank gone wrong”.

The mum-of-two regularly shares funny home videos of her kids on TikTok, where she’s known as @bornonthird, and her most recent clip has left many people in stitches.

In the video, which has since been viewed a staggering 1.4 million times, Margie can be seen holding a fork that has a fake tongue covered in blood attached to the end.

After hearing her sons talking downstairs, she leaned over the kitchen island and held the fork to the edge of her mouth and started screaming, to make it look like she’d be caught in a horrific accident.

Unable to contain her laughter, she pauses and pulls the prop out of her mouth and begins to snigger, before getting back into character a moment later.

One of her sons runs up to her, screaming “Oh my god, mum are you okay?” as he tries to remove the fork from her mouth.

A woman, who happens to be in on the prank, then comes in and says “What the f***?” as Margie continues to cry out.

Her other young son can be seen wide-eyed at the top of the stairs when the woman tells Margie to stop because her eldest son is really scared.

But when she pulls the fork out of her mouth to end the prank, it seems he thought her tongue had really come out.

Margie pulls him in for a hug laughing, but the poor boy almost collapses in her arms in shock.

Since being posted, the video has racked up 288,000 likes and more than 2,700 comments from amused viewers.

One person wrote: “Bruh the kid’s soul leaving his body at ‘OH MY GOD OH MY GOD MOM R U OKAY?!?!’ is sennddinnngg me.”

Another commented: “The way his face turned white when you took the whole tongue out KILLED me. Buy that boy an Xbox.”


And someone else put: “The way he collapsed on your shoulder at the end,” with a crying emoji.