Man ‘deserves a knighthood’ for shepherd’s pie-stuffed Yorkshire pudding recipe


A man has been told he “deserves a knighthood” after he shared an innovative Yorkshire pudding recipe.

The man, only known as terrymcginnisbeyond, posted his recipe for ‘Yorkshire-Shepherd’s-Puddings’ on Reddit – and the very British dish has gone down well with fellow users of the CasualUK forum.

Explaining his technique, the poster said: “My quick shepherd’s pie recipe: Onion, crushed garlic slightly browned in a stockpot.

“Add lamb and cook thoroughly, add a squirt of tomato paste salt and pepper, and a little cayenne.

“Lashings of Worcester sauce and a few drops of vinegar.

“Add red wine, and some lamb stock, two bay leaves and some peas and carrots and some cornflour, reduce, should take about 30 mins.”

To make the mash, he suggests using Maris Piper potatoes, which have been boiled until tender.

Once drained, he said: “Add a splash of whole milk, two spoonfuls of Rodda’s clotted cream, the sharpest strongest cheddar you can find, (min strength five) and a heaped teaspoon of mustard powder.”

For the Yorkshire puddings, he said readers could either buy them or whip up a batch from scratch.

Then, you need to ladle in the meat sauce.

“Get a sandwich bag and cut a corner off the bottom to make a piping bag and squeeze mash out on top,” he added.

“Place in a pre-heated to 180C oven until the topping is brown – around 20 to 25 minutes,” – and you’re good to go.

Since being posted, the recipe has racked up more than 1,500 likes and dozens of comments from impressed viewers.

One person joked: “Tell me you’re British without telling me you’re British.

“Looks awesome…. damn you, now I have to make them!”

Another commented: “Gorgeous. Stunning. And dare I say it, brave.”

“You deserve a Knighthood for services to the British food table,” said a third.

Whilst someone else asked: “So the only question I have is, marry me?” to which the poster replied: “I’m afraid I’m married to the pie now.”