Couple left in stitches after discovering nighttime intruder is ‘brazen’ badger


A woman ‘woke with a start’ after realising that a “brazen” badger had walked into the bedroom during the night.

Zoe Henderson was left in stitches after she woke one night to find herself ‘face-to-face’ with the creature

Zoe and her husband Bruce Henderson had previously investigated a disturbance in their kitchen after waking up to banging – but the case was left unsolved as a dark shape quickly exited through the cat flap.

But it all became clear a few nights later when Zoe woke up to find a cheeky ‘smelly’ badger at the side of the bed

The 45-year-old felt something at the side of her bed and woke up startled as she came ‘face-to-face’ with the animal.

The pair decided to set up CCTV cameras at their home in Saltdean, East Sussex, to see what their mystery guest was getting up to.

After once again being disturbed by the brazen beast, who they’ve nicknamed ‘Bertie’, Zoe ran to the kitchen to find him raiding the cat food.

Zoe said: “I felt something press on the side of the bed and I woke up, it was like 4am or something ridiculous, and turned over to see a badger with its two front feet on my bed.

Couple left open-mouthed after CCTV captures “hilarious” midnight intruder

“He was standing on his back feet with his front feet on the side of the bed and I rolled over thinking it was one of the cats trying to get up.

“It was a badger’s nose that I came face to face with and not a cat. I sat up with a bit of a start and he legged it through the hallway and out through the cat flap.

“It was a bit strange but I wasn’t really scared – I like all animals.”

Camera footage shows that Bertie only stayed in the house for ten minutes the first time he brazenly entered the property.

But over time, the badger has turned out to be a rather cheeky chap, who repeatedly woke the couple up at 4am, while his smelliness forced Bruce, 55, to steam clean the kitchen in the early hours of the morning.

Recruitment consultant Zoe, from Saltdean, East Sussex, said the inquisitive badger has also been making visits to their neighbours homes.

She added: “He’s certainly a character and is hilarious – he’s not bothered by anybody.

“He’s quite happy to just plod about the house – he comes in, has a poodle around and sniffs about a bit and goes once he’s had cat food.

“If he didn’t smell so bad and come in at God knows what time in the night, I’d let him come in more often because he’s ever so sweet and full of character.

“He’s quite brazen – he’s certainly not scared. It’s been brilliant – because some people have commented saying that they’ve never even seen a badger, let alone have one in their kitchen.”

But his forays inside the house have been halted after the pair eventually barricaded the cat flap – although they still leave food for him in their garden.

Zoe said: “I sat and videoed him for ten minutes with my phone and he wandered around, looked at me, ate some more cat food, put his paws on top of the cooker and then went out.

“He’s not vicious – he could have quite easily gone for me when I was in the kitchen kneeling on the floor by him taking the video.

“He’s been back a few times and he always comes at like four am and every time he’s come in we have to steam clean the floors because he’s filthy.

“You hear him come clattering in and out through the cat flap because obviously it’s a bit of a tight squeeze and him pushing the bowls around and his claws scraping on the flooring.

“Lots of people have been really positive about the badger – I think the more we can do to give badgers a better name then the better.”