Woman discovers her boyfriend is cheating while trying to buy a t-shirt online


One woman has gone viral after sharing the moment she found out her partner was cheating.

The woman shared the exchange with popular Instagram account Depop Drama – which chronicles exchanges on the resale site.

The account, which has 575,000 followers, left people open-mouthed at the woman’s detective work.

In her opening message, the woman asked the seller: “Hey, weird question but do you know someone called [name cropped out.]

After the seller confirmed they did know them, the woman asked her if the photo featuring the t-shirt on sale was taken in their bedroom.

The confused seller admitted it was as they replied: “Yeh it was because I left my stuff at his. Why do you ask? Do you know him?”

The crestfallen buyer replied: “YES I know him, he’s my boyfriend!!! Why was you even at his??”

Not one to miss out on a sale opportunity, the brazen seller replied: “Omg babe, I’m so sorry I didn’t know! You still interested in the top tho? xx”

Understandably, the woman really wasn’t interested, as she replied: “No, I’m not f interested in the top.”

The post quickly went viral with more than 80,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Lots of people were left open-mouthed by the woman’s attempt to continue selling the top.

One follower replied: “Bahahah the “do you still want the top” got me good.”

Another commented: “She should be mad at the boyfriend though.”

A third joked: “A Depop entanglement.”

The account often shares funny screenshots of exchanges between the app’s buyers and sellers and is not affiliated with Depop.

Previously, a Depop seller went viral after trying to sell a social distancing seat sleeve used on Chiltern Railway trains as a “crop top”.